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Calamity Jane Cast List


Calamity Jane
Michelle Turner


The hard-bitten, gun-totin' heroine, who tries to behave like a man but can't help loving like a woman. In order to hold her own in a man's world, she dresses, speaks, rides and shoots like a man ; groomed and dressed in proper feminine fashion, she is revealed as a beautiful girl-and the transformation is quite startling.


Wild Bill Hickock
Simon Monte


Aged about 35, and a handsome figure of a man, he is an ex-peace-officer turned professional gambler. Good-natured, with a sense of humour. In love with Calamity Jane, but doesn't know it.


Lieutenant Danny Gilmartin
Gareth Jones


A young officer attached to the nearby fort. He is the man Calamity Jane dreams about, but he falls in love with somebody quite different.


Katie Brown
Carolyn Speight


A stage-struck city-girl who poses as a famous actress, but has good looks and talents of her own.


Henry Miller
Gary Holmes


Proprietor of "The Golden Garter", Deadwood City's saloon-hotel-theatre. Aged about 50, he is nervous and erratic-giving the impression that he is constantly only one jump ahead of a nervous breakdown.


Laura Birkin


Miller's young, friendly and pretty niece.


Francis Fryer
Matthew Nutting


A song-and-dance man more at home in the vaudeville theatres of the Eastern States than in the Wild West.


Adelaide Adams
Jackie Campbell


A highly-paid vaudeville star and celebrated "beauty" of the period ; off-stage, a selfish and conceited woman.


Gary Hewitt


A bewhiskered old fossil who drives the stage-coach


"Doc" Pierce
Allan Johnson


Deadwood City's doctor/undertaker, with doubtful qualifications but considerable experience. A poker-playing pal of Hickock's.


Darran Sykes


Bartender of "The Golden Garter".


Hank and Pete
Mark Hancock and Peter Dakin


Two Scouts.


Derek Lunn


Colonel of Fort Scully

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