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Fiddler on the Roof


Through Tevye, the Papa, we learn of the struggles and traditions of these people. Tevye is the hard-working milkman of Anatevka, who talks to God on a man-to-man basis, and happily misquotes the Good Book to cover any situation. Being the Papa, tradition dictates that he chooses suitable husbands for his daughters (with the help of Yente the matchmaker and with the approval of his wife Golde). Unfortunately, in the changing world, his daughters one by one choose husbands for themselves. Tevye is torn between consenting to his daughters' wishes and clinging to lifelong traditions. Prompted by a due respect for his wife's biting tongue, his ready imagination leads him to choose the middle of the night to tell Golde of their eldest daughter's betrothal, pretending to have woken from a prophetic nightmare.

The breakdown of traditions culminates in the disintegration of the village through a pogrom by the hostile Russian forces. Caught up in the political maelstrom, the Jewish families must leave Anatevka - the home they love - to seek new lives in Poland, The Holy Land and America.

" ... Guiseley Society have the best in John Hudson ... he looks, sounds and is Tevye."
[Val Pennett, Airedale and Wharfedale Observer]

One of the most successful and long-running musicals of all time, the show includes such favourite songs as If I Were A Rich Man, Matchmaker, Tradition and Sunrise, Sunset.

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